14 The Diet Battle: Which Diet is Best for Getting Lean? Plus Pre-Competition Diet Tactics


The Diet Battle – Which Diet is Best for Getting Lean plus My Pre-
Competition Diet

Every overnight guru has one, a magical diet that trumps all other diets. The world is consciously on the look out for the next superfood or magical diet. All of them have their good parts and they all have their bad points, I’m a fan I cherry picking the best parts from certain diets making it work for my life.

At the end of the day if has to work for your current schedule and goals. Its taken me 4 years to really get to the point where I feel I am getting decent at testing and evaluating changes in my diet and making changes based on the feedback I get. Its a constant experiment. Test, evaluate the results and make changes from their. There is no silver bullet, but testing will help you get better results that 90% of the population.

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Pre Competition Diet Guidelines: 

Just a reminder, this is not a diet for optimal health or longevity. This is for a bodybuilding show where your aiming to get to unhealthy body fat%’s so the advice here is not for a long term solution.

  • 1.2 to 1.5 grams protein per lb or body weight. Sources, fish, eggs, calf liver, chicken, lean ground turkey (**my position has changed since then, current protein recommendations for protein intake are 1 to 1.2 grams per lb of weight.)
  • Carb cycling (potatoes and oats mainly)
    • low days:  50 grams
    • Medium days: 100 grams
    • High days: 200 grams
    • As the prep goes on you will need to increase the amount of days your on the lower carb protocol.
  • Fats will stay at around 75 grams until they need to go lower. Lowest 50 grams (fish oil and avocado)
  • Water 1 gallon
  • This will take time (12 weeks)
  • For getting super lean (6%>) cardio is required in most cases….sorry
  • You will have to train hard and learn how to muster up the strength to go hard with little energy.
  • Getting this lean is not necessary or healthy so don’t consider it if your not competing.

Not Mentioned In The Podcast:

green supplement, zinc and magnesium.


Goodies Promised In The Show:

Slow Carb Diet: The Ultimate Resource Here The 4 Hour Body 

The 5 rules and foods for the Slow Carb Diet can be found here full guide here .

The Vegan Diet: 

Protein Sources:

  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Broccoli
  • Amaranth
  • Quinoa
  • Hemps Seeds
  • Oatmeal
  • Chia Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Tempeh
  • Various non dairy milk (Oat milk, hemp milk, etc)

Intermitted Fasting: Best Resource Martin Berkhan

The most recent GOOD study (meaning the testing practices were better than past attempts) is here for those interested. 

But the full study review is here and here.

I’ll be experimenting with this protocol some more in combination with some no B.S. nutrition periodization methods to see how lean I can get in about 10 weeks. (I am looking for dedicated volunteers as case studies if you would like to be a part of the experiment get in touch on facebook! )
Best resource for the Ketogenic Diet: Dominic P. D’Agostino, PhD is the unofficial ultimate resource for the ketogenic diet in my novice opinion his site contains published studies, clinical trials for the diets effect on cancer patients and meal plans,, interviews, lectures, podcasts  and links to other top resources in the keto world. If carbs are not your friend I would give this diet a try. Just be sure to do your homework so you don’t screw up the macro nutrient ratios and over do the protein.

Best resource for a Wild Diet Approach: Mainly a push to eating outdoors and organic, cutting the processed sugars and avoiding GMO crops and other highly processed grains. Almost like Paleo it has more carbs. Great recipes but not the cheapest of diets to get on. Can it work? Yes. But be prepare for your food bill to look like a car payment if you go full throttle. A great place to start and just get some practice with cooking with more unprocessed foods is here in this 23 superfood list. 

Best Resource for the Man Diet: Chad Howse: As the name says its a diet for men, if you have low testosterone levels that have been confirmed by a test then this is the diet for you. To be brief though it goes like this, cut the process sugars, eat organic meat, and up the cruciferous veggies, don’t be afraid of saturated fats and lift like man. Great book, solid advice for men every where at all age levels, I am reader and I recommend it. Check out the book here.

Best Resource for the Paleo Diet: Primal Blueprint Check out the 10 laws (and follow them) I believe they should be put into the U.S. Constitution….

Two Changes To Make To Your Diet Today To See Better Fat Loss:

  1. Refine your protein sources. Change out higher carbohydrate (beans, lentils, hemps seeds,  protein powders and protein bars, dairy products) and fattier protein( pork, beef, duck, etc) sources for leaner sources. My two recommendations eggs and fish.

2. Eliminate carbs on off days. Increase fats (lightly) and focus on veggies and proteins.


Resources Mentioned:

Jason Maxwell – Unofficially, showed my the 80% diet which is something I coined that will be explained on the podcast soon!
Sarah Jane Ponce

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