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Learn how to get a six pack with the “Ask the AB Guy Podcast”

  • Double your rate of fat loss using my 5 essential rules for effective and fast fat loss training – Episode 10
  • Learn what types of foods to use for faster muscle growth, surging energy and a lean body. – Episode 15
  • Avoid Making the 4 biggest Rookie mistake guys make when trying to burn fat – Episode 4
  • Discover the anti-grocery list and stop wrecking your training progress with these 7 deadly testosterone nightmare foods men constantly eat- Episode 11
  • Learn how to increase testosterone naturally by using the right type of exercise – Episode 9

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  • “My training with Luis has been an enjoyable one! I have seen results in losing 15 pounds in a little over a month. He tailored my training to make it entertaining and fun and has been a massive help with keeping me on track with my diet.”

    – Brad B. (Orlando, Florida)

  • “Luis makes working out fun and easy! I was able to add inches of muscle to my biceps, triceps plus more definition to my chest and back. My back pain has reduced significantly, and my energy levels have improved. He makes meal planning simple and easy to use with quick meal substitutions to keep you on track. Trust me you’ll love the results and how your feel.”

    – Andrew D (New Hampshire)

  • “Over the past two months I have followed Luis’s training regiment. I am in the military and I am always looking for a good kick in the pants workout. In the past two months I have gained 6.5 lbs of muscle and increase my strength in my deadlift and squat. His programming allowed me to remain lean and reach my fitness goals. His plans are simple, efficient and easy to follow. Follow his program and you will maximize your potential.”

    – Carlos M. (Seattle, WA)

Teach me how to BURN BELLY FAT
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